Eye On The Birdie – Post #12 Start of Summer!

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It seems like I wrote my last post just a couple of days ago—but it was actually over a week. Which, I suppose, could be thought of as a couple of days. Anyway, I’m happy that I am writing this post (although I’m pretty hot and tired), so let’s get to it!

Today was the first day of First Tee classes, so I just got home from the golf course. Since both my brothers are taking classes, we were at Riverview for around five hours! (That’s nothing compared to this coming Wednesday—my brothers and I have classes all day long.) There were seven people in my class today, and I was the only girl! Most of the golf classes I’ve ever been in have been all or mostly boys. I wonder if that’s how it is in other sports? I don’t really mind being the only girl in my class—some of my best friends are boys that I met in golf classes!

In class today we played six holes from fifty yards in or closer. Our “par” was three. I got two threes, but completely cancelled them out by getting two fives. The ironic thing is that I got fives on the holes where we were closest to the green. Since I got fours on the other two holes, I averaged… four! This means there is room for improvement. Yay! More golf! Just thinking about picking up a golf bag makes me want to sleep for a week!

I may have spent one hour and fifteen minutes golfing, but I spent more than twice that time sitting on the patio behind the Riverview pro shop during my brothers’ classes. This is what my sister (who doesn’t golf) does all summer. I’m lucky—I actually have a reason to be there! Sitting on the patio can be boring, but what with schoolwork, books, and the practice greens, it can also be downright enjoyable. One thing that’s always fun to watch are the chicks that live in the right-hand corner of the patio. They are Say’s Phoebes, and there are four in the nest. I probably would have written this post on the patio to pass the time, but the computer I’m typing this on is pretty new, and my mom won’t allow it out of the house. I mostly practiced putting and chipping (badly). Also, if any of the Riverview faculty are reading this, a hammock would be much more comfortable for reading than the picnic tables.

I am so happy that golf is happening once again. I’m always sorry to see it end in August. I’m certain that this year will be just as wonderful as all the ones preceding it. I hope to come up with a fun subject for next time by this weekend!



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